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RELAX WORLD「Dolphin Healing ~dolphin sounds and music~」9月20日リリース!

Dolphin Healing ~dolphin sounds and music~ RELAX WORLD 発売日 : 2019年9月20日 品番 : SCDD-1413



tr. 1 Invitation into the sea tr. 2 Sparkling water surface tr. 3 Gentle voice tr. 4 Previous life tr. 5 Dolphin city tr. 6 Morning light seen from the sea tr. 7 Fun surfing tr. 8 Next race tr. 9 Sunset silhouette tr. 10 Romance of a moment tr. 11 Feel in the distance tr. 12 my treasure tr. 13 Spend together tr. 14 Slow time tr. 15 With one eye tr. 16 Old road tr. 17 Deep sea bream tr. 18 I met you again tr. 19 Rich water source tr. 20 Healing ultrasound


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