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『Chill Café Beats / SOUNDS OF PEACEFUL PIANO 〜 The wind was calm and the sky was blue』8月21日リリース!

SOUNDS OF PEACEFUL PIANO 〜The wind was calm and the sky was blue Chill Café Beats

発売日 : 2020年8月21日 品番 : SCDD-1538


☆お勧め曲 tr. 1「hope and keep」 静かに儚げなピアノの音色があなたの心を癒してくれます。静かな夜の物語が始まりそうなう予感…

<収録曲> tr. 01 hope and keep tr. 02 far away there tr. 03 in the sunshine tr. 04 my highest aspirations tr. 05 may not reach tr. 06 look up tr. 07 see their beauty tr. 08 believe in them tr. 09 follow tr. 10 where they lead



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