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Various Artist「カフェで流れるEDM」7月5日リリース!

カフェで流れるEDM Various Artist 発売日 : 2019年7月5日 品番 : ELSP-0028



tr. 1 prologue tr. 2 New World tr. 3 Beautiful Days (feat. Mayu Wakisaka) tr. 4 I know only you tr. 5 Departure tr. 6 Love You (feat. Michelle Yumiko Payne & Shinobi (The Mc)) tr. 7 Under the blue sky tr. 8 Feel The Music tr. 9 Tokyo Funky Disco tr. 10 The ocean tr. 11 Stand by me tr. 12 Castle (feat. Shinobi (The Mc)) tr. 13 Tell Me tr. 14 Mother Earth tr. 15 AOB (feat. Mayu Bingo) tr. 16 Life is… (feat. Yu-ri Tanaka (BLU-SWING) & Shinobi (The Mc)) tr. 17 Rain (feat. Mayu Wakisaka) tr. 18 epilogue (feat. Mayu Bingo) tr. 19 I was made for you tr. 20 LOVE WINGS RE-CONSTRUCT SPECIAL EDIT


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