『RELAX WORLD / Calm Sleep Stories -If you look up at this star-』4月2日リリース!


タイトル:Calm Sleep Stories -If you look up at this star-


発売日 : 2021年4月2日





"It's a starry sky healing where you can feel calm and sleep soundly when you look up at this star.

Listen when you sleep or want to relax. "


tr. 01 aloalo

tr. 05 Mahana


The melody that the stars are talking about will invite you to sleep comfortably ♪


tr. 01 Calm Dreaming

tr. 02 Mindful Breathing

tr. 03 Relax and Release

tr. 04 Aura

tr. 05 Deep Bliss

tr. 06 Stardust Dream

tr. 07 Gentle Flow

tr. 08 Spring Well

tr. 09 Sea Light

tr. 10 Calming waves

アルバム「Calm Sleep Stories -If you look up at this star-」ダイジェスト視聴

癒しの音楽レーベル  Sugar Candy シュガーキャンディー 

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