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Beautiful Piano~soothing sleep stories~

Chill Cafe Beats

Beautiful Piano~soothing sleep stories~

Sugar Candy

​品番 :



tr.01「a soothing place」は旋律が美しく、ゆっくり時間が流れる様な、そんな雰囲気にさせてくれます。

The subtitle “Because I have a dream, a life is brilliant.” makes your calm and quiet piano sound engulfed in a soft light and calms you down .
tr.01. “a soothing place” has a beautiful melody and makes you feel like time flows slowly.


tr. 01 a soothing place tr. 02 ease tr. 03 a moderate purple tr. 04 calmness without winds tr. 05 a gentle sensitive nature tr. 06 still or calm tr. 07 quiet and soothing tr. 08 rustic tranquility tr. 09 to calm down tr. 10 reassurance


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