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Calm café

Chill Cafe Beats

Calm café

Sugar Candy

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tr.2「Relaxed time」など心豊かに穏やかなサウンドがたっぷりのアルバムです。

It's just my time to relax in a calm cafe. Have a blissful time with music filled with wonderful quotes, reading, and delicious coffee.
This is an album with plenty of heartfelt and gentle sounds such as tr.2 "Relaxed time".


tr.01 Heart calmly tr.02 Relaxed time tr.03 All is well tr.04 Always be yourself tr.05 Follow your heart tr.06 Friends are treasures tr.07 Good vibes only tr.08 Learn from yesterday tr.09 Live your dream tr.10 Make haste slowly tr.11 Music doesn’t lie tr.12 Practice makes perfect tr.13 Spread your wings tr.14 Thought is free tr.15 Time heals everything tr.16 Try something new tr.17 Time to remember tr.18 Seeing is believing tr.19 Remember to live tr.20 Pursue your passion


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